The Many Uses of Milk Bottles


This weekend I opened my play, and one of my lovely co-actors decided to surprise all of us with bouquets delivered in stealth to the dressing rooms. He’s in just one scene, while the rest of us are on stage most of the rest of the play, so he had plenty of time to leave presents. They were lovely and mysterious (for about a day, until someone spilled the beans), but I realized on the ride home that I didn’t have any vases! But I did have some milk bottles that I have yet to return.2015/01/img_0185.jpgI kind of love my little stash of milk bottles. They’re actually cream bottles. The brand of cream I like best for scones and such comes in glass bottles from a local dairy. And there’s a $2 deposit, but lately I’ve gotten lazy about returning them. But they come in so handy. As you can see, in addition to an impromptu vase, the bottles make wonderful storage for reusable straws.

When I first got my glass straws, I realized that I would have to clean them right away, and also that I would need to have some way to dry them standing up to avoid spots. I also wanted to keep them separate from the rest of the drying dishes so that they wouldn’t be overlooked and broken accidentally. The milk bottles proved to be the perfect solution. So far (knock wood) I haven’t broken any of my original straws, and I can keep them right there in the bottle with their little brush for easy drying and access.

Boyfriend even uses a milk bottle to store spare change. It’s probably about time for us to get coin rollers and turn it in at the bank, but it’s also a great way to make sure you always have quarters on hand for parking in meter-heavy areas.

I think that $2 for such a versatile little bottle is pretty nice! If I could come up with a way to cap them, they’d also make a lovely way to store drinks or homemade beauty products, or bath salts as a gift. And I love the vaguely rustic charm of having them out as a decoration. It’s easy and casual, but still not as casual as using a plastic bottle.