Lipstick Love in the Merry Month of May

So, inspired by the response I got to my post about my hunt for the perfect red, I’ve decided to buckle down and test out the reds I currently have in my arsenal. I’m trying to spend less money right now because Boyfriend and I are moving in a couple months and I want to save money for the move and decorating our new abode. So rather than go out and investigate still more reds, I’ve decided to really sit down with the ones I have.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to spend the 31 days of May wearing one of my existing lipsticks. The only rule is that I have to wear a red┬álipstick every day, and I have to document it. That means a selfie (which will be kept private for me, sorry!) and a short jotting down of thoughts about the lippie in a journal. To start with, I’ll also probably say I can’t wear the same lipstick twice in one week, but that may change as I start to gravitate towards specific lipsticks.

At the end of the month, I should have a good idea of what lipsticks draw me the most and which I could probably afford to ditch (even better, with a move coming up!). And then, newly educated about my current stash, I may look for one or two new ones to fill any gaps. Anyone want to join me for a lipstick month?