The Weekend Deep Cleanse

Lately, my weekend evenings have been uneventful and quiet, which gives me more time to really treat my skin. I do always try to reserve Sunday evenings for home time, so I can make some healthy food and do my weekly skincare deep cleanse. This weekend, I managed to fall asleep without doing my routine on Saturday night (naughty, I know, but at least I wasn’t wearing makeup!), so I decided to do my deep cleanse in the morning to make up for the negligence the night before.

The weekend deep cleanse starts the same way that the regular evening cleanse starts: I go in with grease. That is to say, I start with an oil or balm cleanser. Lately, I’ve been too lazy to put together a new batch of my homemade cleansing balm, so I’m using up a bottle of Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil in the meantime. It’s grapeseed-based and unfancy and works for my purposes.


Here’s where I shake things up. After thoroughly emulsifying and rinsing my cleansing oil off with warm water, I pat dry and apply a clay mask. I like to apply a clay mask between cleansing steps for two reasons: 1.) I can use my second cleanser to remove bits of mask, so I don’t need to scrub everything off with a washcloth and aggravate my skin, and 2.) clay is often high pH and I like to use my low-pH second cleanser to help balance my skin out a bit so I don’t get tight skin. So I smear on a relatively generous layer of Cattier Green Clay Mask.

I love this clay. I’ve used a lot of clays, from mix-it-yourself powders to Korean clay mousse in a can, and Cattier is hands-down my favorite. It might be the only clay mask I’ve actually repurchased in the last several years. It’s just green clay mixed with water and humectant solvents, with some preservatives thrown in to keep it from getting nasty. It’s less messy than mixing my own, and less irritating and drying than any other clay mask I’ve used. I daub myself with green mud and then go downstairs to terrify Fiancé and TweedCat (and also watch a YouTube video maybe) for ten minutes. I rinse it off after ten minutes so that the mask doesn’t completely dry. This allows the clay to suck out impurities, but it doesn’t irritate my skin, and I find that I can rinse the mask completely by splashing with warm water and I don’t have to resort to the use of a cloth.

After the clay, I follow up with my second cleanser (currently Glossier’s Milky Jelly), and then pat dry. But wait, the deep cleanse is not over yet. I like to follow up with a toner, essence, and sheet mask whenever I do a clay mask because clay can be drying and I wouldn’t want to dehydrate my already princess-diva skin. So I slapped on a LoveMore Pearl Barley and Milk mask and relaxed for twenty minutes this weekend. If I have more time, I might luxuriate with an Evercos mask. If I’m going to an audition or party later on, I might opt for a LoveMore Snow Lotus mask. And if my skin is being a pissy little baby, I might go for Tosowoong Pure Propolis. Whichever I choose, hydration is the first order of business, which is the primary feature of any sheet mask, in my opinion.

Cleansed and essence-d to within an inch of my skin’s life, I finish off with a squirt of a light emulsion for the daytime (currently Stratia Liquid Gold, review forthcoming) or a cream at night. So far, I haven’t seen too many repercussions of my Saturday neglect, so I think it’s working.

NB: All products mentioned were bought by me and paid for by me with no incentive to review them.