Weekend Excursions and Excitement

I had a lovely weekend. Boyfriend was gone for the evening on Friday visiting his parents to pick up some things they had for him, so I went to my mother’s for the evening. We decided to start watching Orphan Black and I introduced her to the wonders of sheet masks. We took a scary selfie and sent it to Boyfriend. My mother was doing the Psycho stabbing motion. Because we are silly. It was nice to just hang out and be low-key with her without either of needing a medical procedure. The next morning she had an early appointment, so we just had a bit of tea and toast before heading out.

It was nice to get home at a decent hour, as I had a baby shower to attend later that afternoon and felt like getting ready at a leisurely pace. I got a manicure last Monday that lasted all of two seconds without chipping, so I finally got around to removing my polish and decided to use my extra time to give myself a little manicure. I was feeling fancy, so I put on some dubbed anime (so I wouldn’t have to look at the screen) and did my first attempt at a “blush” or “cheek” nail, which is a rather lovely soft pink central gradient nail. I used my standard translucent pink, Ballet Bare from Sally Hansen, with a lovely coral color (Tiddly by Butter) as the gradient. It took about an hour of leisurely effort because I made very sure that the various coats were dry in between steps. And I became rather absorbed in Fullmetal Alchemist in the process. I emerged with lovely, spring-y nails that have so far lasted me three days, despite the fact that I did them by my very non-professional self, and used the nail products that have languished in my bathroom cabinet ignored for the last year.

The baby shower was lovely and I got to see a lot of friends whom I see not nearly often enough. And when I got home, Boyfriend had returned from his trip with exciting new things. The main thing he went up to get was an antique vanity that his father decided I should have because I would put it to good use. Unfortunately, one of the mirror supports is slightly cracked, so we had to stop in the middle of putting it together to see if it needs to be repaired, but it really is a lovely piece. I was hoping to share photos of my new vanity setup, but I suppose it will have to wait. Boyfriend also brought back some lovely floral china plates that he saw and immediately knew I would love. It’s nice to be with someone who understands you.

The rest of Saturday was quiet, and our Sunday morning was rather boring as well, save for the wild winds that were going on outside. Boyfriend took a trip out to the store so I could cook for the week ahead. Tech week for my play started yesterday afternoon, so I spent the morning cooking breakfasts and lunches for the week so I can be healthy and still very, very busy. I now have a freezer full of healthy breakfast burritos, brown rice, and a fridge full of poached salmon and cucumber salad. And I got home from rehearsal last night with just enough time to do a bit of a clay mask and a sheet mask before falling into bed.

Today I’m back at work, but I have a few errands to run before rehearsal tonight. The errands mostly involve restocking my stage makeup kit, though, so it should be lots of fun!