On Healing, Slowly

I’ve finally hit the tail end of this nasty cold. I no longer sound like a consumptive Victorian lady, for the most part. I do still have to walk around with my face swaddled in a scarf to avoid letting the cold air into contact with my delicate lungs. But I am also back at work. Boyfriend and I took a nice long walk yesterday in the sunshine to make sure I could handle my walk from the train station. I have to say that, while it was lovely to get out of the house and be active, I did feel it.

That’s the problem with being sick. It’s not just about getting better: it’s also about getting back to where you were. It’s been three weeks since I’ve been to my aerials class. It’s been almost a week since I’ve gotten regular exercise. If I hadn’t had to take my medication with food, I’d barely have been eating. As it is, I feel like yesterday was the first day where my appetite was approximately normal.

And that will return, slowly. It likely helps to have this episode at the new year, as I have no temptation to diet or restrict myself with food because I’m in a place where I know I need to be eating more, not less, right now. For now, I’m focusing on feeling normal and good. I did another pampering skin care ritual last night, along with a lovely hot bath, scented with lavender bath salts. I decided to increase the luxury by slathering my face with True Nature Botanicals face oil while I bathed, letting the oil and steam soften my face. After I emerged from the tub, I massaged a generous amount of frankincense-scented lotion into my body. Then, I exfoliated my face with a bit of rice and oat flour, washed my face, toned, and put on a sheet mask. This infused me with a bit of much-needed moisture. Duly moisturized, I patted in the serum, added face cream and topped off with a bit of a massage with my rosehip seed oil. It was lovely. The final touch was to spritz my hair with rosewater and glycerin, apply a bit of a lovely new scented hair oil I got recently, and braid for bed.

While it’s a bit fussy for every night, it certainly put me in the right frame of mind to rest before returning to my daily routines this week.

2 thoughts on “On Healing, Slowly

  1. Most nights, I have a rather streamlined “shut down” routine, but there is something to be said for making the time and space in your life for a more indulgent routine. I used to think that a proper bath required a book and at least one hour. Now, I find that a book-free, device-free 10- or 15-minute bath relaxes me and helps me sleep. Never underestimate the power of a pampering ritual. Quite often, the time invested (just a few additional minutes) is paid by two- or threefold.


    1. I would love to do a bath before bed, but our tub is on the lower level of the house and I find that getting upstairs is the barrier to getting to bed early for me. So taking my time to do my skincare routine is like a bath for me, especially with a lovely warm flannel and some nice-scented cleansing cream as the first step. I also find that device-free for the last half hour before bed is essential and have a stack of real, paper books beside my bed to help me wind down. Short stories are particularly nice.


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