An Indulgent Skin Care Routine for After Illness

I’ve been suffering from this awful cold for almost two weeks now. Wednesday night it became so terrible that I went to the urgent care center for trouble breathing. It’s nice to know that “I’m having trouble breathing without dissolving into a coughing fit” is a reason to be moved to the front of the line. Two and a half hours, a session with a nebulizer, and a handful of pill bottles later, I’ve been advised to rest and avoid being outdoors in the cold. As we’ve just recently enjoyed the advent of true winter weather, this means avoiding most enjoyment of the outdoors.

It also prompted the doctor to advise me to work from home so as to avoid my rather bracing daily walks from and to the train station. Thankfully, my boss agreed and I’ve spent the last two days working in the comfort of my own home. Now, the last few days I’ve done the bare minimum to maintain my skin care routine. Washing in the evenings, tone, moisturizing, and a little herbal balm around my nose where it’s been chafed from tissues. While taking a break for lunch, I decided I ought to take a little time and pamper my neglected skin.

I started with a good massage with some grapeseed oil to loosen dirt and debris. This I steamed off with a warm washcloth and followed with a good cleansing with my Earth Science cleansing gel. Thoroughly cleansed and prepped, I applied a sample packet of Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. This lovely soft-pink gel smelled lightly of flowers and remained on my face for 20 minutes before rinsing and applying a Sephora Pomegranate sheet mask. I prefer the Rose mask, but was out of them and the Pomegranate was supposed to be “anti-fatigue,” which I thought might benefit after weeks of late nights and sleep interrupted by coughing. Thankfully, the fruity scent of the mask was light enough and actually quite pleasant.

I applied the sheet mask, made a pot of lavender Earl Grey tea and got back to work for a half an hour. After I’d marinated under the mask for a half an hour, I decided it was enough. I removed it and patted the remaining serum in. I finished up by massaging in some True Nature Botanicals Face Oil. I got a deluxe sample of this oil from True Nature Botanicals last time I ordered and it smells absolutely divine. If it weren’t so dear, I would spring for the full size. For now, I’m rationing it, as I can’t justify shelling out for just a nice-smelling face oil.

I have to say that in addition to making my skin look absolutely lovely, this routine was relaxing and uplifting and made me feel a bit more like a productive member of society again. Although my instructions to avoid exertion and cold air does leave me feeling a bit like a consumptive Victorian literary heroine.