A Very Bold Update

A few weeks ago I posted about how I’ve stopped wearing makeup and washing my face. I thought I’d post a little update to let you all know some of the conclusions I’ve come to.

While I was surprised by how little I broke out while I was only rinsing with water, I did feel I lacked something in this routine, and missed the ritual of cleansing, as well as the feeling of clean skin. To that end, I have taken what I learned from my skin “cleanse” of sorts and redesigned my skin care routine to be as simple as possible, while addressing specific concerns.

I’ve realized that cream cleansers both don’t clean my skin well enough and leave a residue of emollients that lead to clogged pores. So I returned to an old favorite: Earth Science fragrance free clarifying wash. It’s a pH-balanced gel cleanser that removes surface dirt and oil without feeling like it’s stripping my skin. I’ve continued to not wear face or eye makeup, but if I do, I use a bit of grape seed oil to remove that before washing with the gel cleanser. Because it is pH balanced, I don’t need a toner. I merely splash my face with cold water after rinsing and pat dry.

I’ve decided to keep rose hip seed oil as my nighttime moisturizer. I apply 6-7 drops to cleansed skin and massage it in. This simple, two-step routine is almost as simple as my previous, no-cleanse routine. And I always wake up glowing with the rose hip oil. The oil also balances my skin so I don’t wake up feeling greasy.

Because of this, I still simply rinse with water in the mornings. Then, I apply a light moisturizer. I’ve found that Aubrey Organics Clarifying Therapy moisturizer has a little salicylic acid to help with breakouts, and linoleic acid to keep my skin happy. Because I only see daytime sun when I go out in the midday, I’ve started carrying my sunscreen with me to apply as needed instead of just once in the morning. I’ve also recently gotten a new sunscreen, 100% Pure Argan Oil facial moisturizer with SPF 30, to try because it is less scented than the Badger Balm rose sunscreen.

So far my skin has never looked better in the last few years than it has the last couple of weeks. I got one or two small spots during my period, but they went away quickly. I’ve felt confident enough to go without makeup still. By simplifying my skin care routine and forgoing makeup, I can now be ready to go in much less time as well, which makes my mornings more relaxed. All I need is a swipe of lipstick!