A Home Remedy for an Awkward Ailment

As the weather has started cooling down, little by little, Boyfriend and I have noticed a peculiar problem: our house seems to be mildly infested with bees. It’s not great clouds of the little fellows, but rather one or two every so often. It’s gotten to where we are finding live or dead bees around the house almost every day. Sadly, this led to a rather awkward situation yesterday when I discovered a bee in my yoga room… by sitting on it during my practice.

I felt a little pinch, and immediately knew what it must be. I stopped my practice and went up to the bathroom to see the sting. It was already starting to turn red and swell, so I tried to locate the stinger and washed it with my homemade lavender soap and cold water. I patted it dry with some clean tissue and applied hydrocortisone ointment. A half an hour later, the pain was worsening, so I thought to try something more aggressive.

Remembering the drawing power of bentonite clay, I went to my beauty cabinet and mixed up a bit of the clay with enough rosewater and glycerin to make a thick paste, which I glopped on my posterior. Being that the location of the problem area was where it was, this was not something to be done downstairs, where decent neighbors might spy me through the window accidentally. So I lay out on my stomach with my pouticed rear unencumbered.

To suffer the indignity, I decided that part of the remedy would be a nice cup of tea and some chocolate. I believe it be a necessary part of treatment, if just to soothe my nerves. I also took the opportunity to contact our landlady and ask if something might be done about the apian threat.

2 thoughts on “A Home Remedy for an Awkward Ailment

  1. Thank you very, very (!) much for sharing this wonderful discovery. I’m deeply sorry that you were stung. I’m fairly allergic myself (not deathly so, but decently for sure) and usually have a very severe reaction when I’m stung. It’s truly wonderful to know of another possible treatment to try the next time it happens (we have a lot of bees and wasps in our corner of BC, no doubt because this part of the world grows a ton of fruit and a fair number of flowers, too).

    Fingers firmly crossed that you don’t get stung again, sweet dear.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


    1. I’ve determined that I have a mild-moderate reaction to bee stings. It only hurt for the rest of the day (so 8-10 hours), but it still itches two days later. I was very happy to find the bentonite clay remedy, though, as it helped get the pain and swelling down enough for me to perform two hours after I was stung! The exterminator should have gotten all the bees yesterday and so far we haven’t seen another.


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