A Very Bold Experiment

Despite having a very simple beauty routine compared to some, I sometimes wonder why I struggle a bit with acne while Boyfriend enjoys largely clear skin, despite the fact that he does absolutely nothing for it. A few weeks ago, I decided to change things in a rather large way.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve gone without any face or eye makeup at all and I wash my face only with water and a clean washcloth in the evening and water only in the mornings. It’s a lovely simple routine and I don’t have to worry if I occasionally forget to wash up at night because I’m not wearing makeup to clog things.

Going without products has taught me about my skin. I’ve realized that I actually have patches of dry skin when I put nothing on my skin. To avoid this, I use five drops of rosehip seed oil patted into my skin at night and Badger Balm rose-scented sunscreen during the day. It sinks in and prevents dryness without giving me greasy skin and it smells lovely.

Other than that, I wear my red lipstick. And that’s it.

Obviously, when I act, I still have to wear some makeup. As one show is in tech right now, I’ve been experimenting with using grapeseed oil followed by my homemade soap to remove the makeup. I think because I only wear makeup for a few hours at a time instead of all day, it doesn’t irritate my skin as much.

Perhaps I shall stick to this, or perhaps I shall need more come summer when the heat makes me sweat, but for now, I’m enjoying my simple routine.

4 thoughts on “A Very Bold Experiment

  1. Very interesting! Isn’t it fascinating (and helpful) what one can learn about themselves by altering an element of their usual routine. I really can’t explain this (unless perhaps it works as a barrier against environmental pollutants and the like and/or locks in moisture), but my dry, sensitive skin is often happier and better looking when I wear makeup (I don’t mean that I look more attractive, but rather that the health of my skin often is better, so long as the products I’m using are ones that my skin is currently happy with). I don’t wear it everyday by any means though, especially if I’m not leaving the house. When I don’t (wear it), I make a point to use a gentle scrub, followed by a good (gentle) moisturizer, and find that often helps counter not wearing makeup (which we should all do at least sometimes – skin needs to breath fresh, unencumbered air!).

    Big hugs & happy start of December wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


    1. I imagine for very dry skin, certain makeup products would help keep the skin from losing moisture throughout the day. I was actually quite surprised to find dryness in my own skin because I’ve always thought of it as oily, but perhaps that was just the makeup I used. It is fascinating. Lovely December wishes to you, too!


  2. After reading Skin Cleanse by the founder of S.W. Basics (simple skin care), I’ve cut back on the number of products I use. I do love nice products — and the pampering process of caring for my skin, so I cannot imagine streamlining my routine to the point of washcloth and water.

    However, I do think it’s important to do just that from time to time. Please share the results of your new routine after a few months.


    1. I actually agree. I love the idea behind S.W. Basics, but since my skin hates shea butter, I can’t use their skin cream. I’ve actually wrapped up my experiment. I thought of it kind of like a cleanse, to get an idea of my skin’s baseline. I realized that I need moisture during the day, the rosehip oil was working for me, and I needed a gentle cleanser and some exfoliation a couple times a week. I’ve started using a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser and rosehip oil in the evening, and rinsing with water and following with a light moisturizer in the mornings. Once a week in the evening, I exfoliate before I cleanse. Thankes for commenting!


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