My All-Natural, Homemade Body Butter

As promised, I have decided to share one of the recipes I mentioned in my No More Dirty Looks profile.

When I switched to safety razor shaving, I decided I needed some decadent way to moisturize my legs after shaving. Of course, because I tend to do my shaving in the evenings now, I don’t want to draw out the process much more than needed, so I wanted it to be easy, quick, natural, and not too messy. I started out using a little of my tallow-and-rosehip oil balm, but I found it didn’t absorb very easily and Boyfriend found my slightly slick legs off-putting.

When I ordered babassu oil for my soap-making, I looked it up and found out that it is also a lovely skin care oil. It absorbs fast, and, despite being used similarly to coconut oil in soap, it doesn’t clog pores the way coconut oil can. So I looked up a recipe to use it in a body and lip balm.

I found one at Swifty Crafty Monkey, who has a wealth of information for the beauty formulator. She gives her amounts in percentages, which is handy. I altered her recipe to forgo fragrance (I added the fragrance percentage to the babassu oil), and ended up with a recipe like this:

49% babassu oil
25% mango butter
25% beeswax
1% vitamin E

I measured out in grams on my soaping scale, making a 100-gram batch for simplicity (1%=1g), and found that gave me exactly 5 lip balm tubes and one 2.65-oz. deodorant container. The lip balm is lovely and silky and absorbs so nicely that it’s my new favorite base for lipstick. I use that right after I shower, then I have a lovely beverage while I gather my things for work, and by the time I do my makeup, I have only a bit to blot off before applying lipstick.

The body butter in the deodorant container is hardly an idea I can claim as my own, but I must admit, it is significantly more convenient than trying to grasp a slippery lotion bar with warm, damp hands after a shower. It glides on slightly damp skin and absorbs almost instantly. I use it every time I shave, and then after a few showers when I’m feeling scaly.

It definitely lends a lovely finish to my shaving ritual, as well.

5 thoughts on “My All-Natural, Homemade Body Butter

    1. Balms and lotion bars are the best because you can use them right away and they’re so easy to make! Just melt the ingredients together, stir, pour, and let sit until hard. Thanks.

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  1. This sound marvelous. My skin, dry (and sensitive) at the best of times, can run the risk of looking more like a lizard’s scales during the fall and winter (lips massively included), so I’m always on the hunt for affordable, natural recipes like this. Thank you for sharing your expertise in the handmade beauty product field with us, dear gal.

    Big hugs & happy mid-November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I hope that you had a great Halloween/Samhain.


    1. You’re very welcome! I love my homemade balms for dry skin because they’re just so emollient. I find that right after a bath or shower is the best time to put them on, but I’ve also just spritzed with a bit of rosewater to moisten my skin before applying them, too. Enjoy, and happy holiday season!


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