A Quick Old-Fashioned Treat


Although the weather has been cooling, I have still had a taste for ice cream. Lately, I’ve been having ice cream sodas. I remember when I was a girl, my mother bought me my first ice cream soda, made with soda water, syrup, and ice cream, at a local old-fashioned ice cream parlour. It was coffee flavored and delicious.

Since then, floats and sodas have been one of my favorite things to do with ice cream. The soda brings a lightness to the drink that makes it easier to drink than a heavy milkshake, and doesn’t hold the problem of ice cream against one’s teeth that arises when one eats an ice cream cone or a bowl of ice cream. Plus the ice cream just lasts so much longer. I’m seriously considering buying a soda siphon to be able to make ice cream sodas whenever I want.

To make a soda, you can simply add a scoop of ice cream to a flavored soda, as in a root beer float, but I like to mix flavored syrup into plain soda water and add a scoop of ice cream at the end. The stainless steel straw has the double benefit of serving as a stirring rod. I add chocolate syrup to the bottom of the glass, as though I were making a chocolate milk, and then add a splash of soda water to get the syrup thinned out a bit. I mix in the soda little by little so it doesn’t froth out of the glass, leaving about two inches of headroom so I don’t make a mess when I drop in the scoop of ice cream. Topping with whipped cream is optional, but pretty.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Old-Fashioned Treat

  1. Giant yum!!! I’ve been absolutely adoring the lovely recipes that you’ve been sharing with us lately. Floats are such a timeless classic. My mom would make them for us sometimes when I was little and we’d play 1950s style car hop together, complete with having us “drive up” on our bikes to a window through which she had us our “order”. It was cute as all get out! šŸ™‚

    Big hugs & happy second half of October wishes,
    ā™„ Jessica


    1. What a cute thing to do with children! My mother would have afternoon tea parties with us, complete with real tea, scones, and a miniature tea set. Perhaps that’s where I get my love of tea…


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