A Most Lovely Weekend

This weekend, our housemate finally moved out, leaving the house to the two of us! Ever since we made the decision to stay in the house, I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. And now the house seems… a bit empty. But that’s mostly because the housemate owned most of the furniture on the first floor of the house. So we have to move some things around and buy some new things, which we haven’t gotten around to.

After aerial class Saturday, I found myself just so exhausted (housemate literally left with a bang when he slammed the front door at 5:30 a.m. when he left for the last time) that after we got a delicious lunch, I passed out on the bed while watching my first episode of Agent Carter on my laptop. More on that later, but I’ve gone back and watched more and am enjoying what little I’ve seen. After waking from my nap and cleaning up, we went to a going-away party for a friend that was nice. It was good to reconnect with some friends I don’t talk to much anymore.

Saturday was dismal and pouring rain most of the day, so there wasn’t a lot of time to get outside, but the up side was that Sunday was beautiful. We went to the farmers market for lunch, took a nice long walk, and then worked in the garden. I managed to clear out another small bed in the back of the yard and plant some peppermint and lavender seeds. I’m hoping to see sprouts soon!

Other than that, we’ve mostly enjoyed the quiet of having the house to ourselves. We can cuddle in the loveseat left downstairs and just generally enjoy each other’s company more, I feel like. It’s going to be a lovely year.

2 thoughts on “A Most Lovely Weekend

  1. How fabulously lovely for your guys!!! I only ever shared a house with roommates/flatmates once. It was when Tony and were first living together in Ireland and there were several other people in the same flat. For an incredibly shy, introverted, private, and uber tidy/clean person like me it took quite a lot of adjusting to, but we managed and thankfully we were able to move into a small place of our own a few months later (and have lived sans roommates ever since).

    I hope you guys really enjoy having the house to yourself. It’s the best!

    ♥ Jessica


    1. I thought we were lucky to be moving in with someone we both knew beforehand, but he turned out to be a little more of a handful than I expected. But I’m so excited to have a house to play with now! Thanks!


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