A Glamorous 1920s Snow White Look

So the other weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. It turns out, she’s probably one of the coolest brides ever because she not only let us choose our own dress styles (the only requirements were that it was knee-length and navy blue), but she also gave us utter freedom for our hair and makeup. I arrived bright and early for my hair appointment and was able to get a lovely 1920s-inspired look to go with my draped chiffon dress.

To start with, I wanted my hair put up. I finally have enough hair to put up, so I wanted the updo. Plus, I really hate having hair in my face and knew I would fuss with it if it were just blown out and styled. Because I told the hairdresser that I love vintage style, particularly the 1920s, she pinned my hair into a soft curled and twisted style at the nape of my neck, with the front parted and worn loosely over my ears to mimic a 1920s faux bob. The effect was very elegant, and just a little old-fashioned.

With such an old-fashioned hairstyle, the makeup artist took it to heart when I mentioned that one of my past costumiers nicknamed me “Snow White” and set about creating a Snow White-inspired makeup look, if Snow had been a 1920s society girl. I got a nice heavy line of black eyeliner and false eyelashes, but little eye contouring otherwise. A little flush on the cheeks offset my naturally pale skin. She finished it off with a dab of blood-red lipstick. All in all, the hair and makeup perfectly fit my vision and was very “me.”

Sadly, I don’t have any good photos of the look, and I’m rather shy about posting “selfies” to this space, so there is no photographic evidence. But perhaps in the future, I will try to somewhat recreate the look for photos.

2 thoughts on “A Glamorous 1920s Snow White Look

  1. Believe it or not (and still, honestly, if Tony isn’t the one behind the lens) there was a time when I was incredibly shy about sharing my photo online, too – and indeed, I only did so a small handful of times for the first three years of my blog’s life, so I can certainly understand and appreciate that you wanted to share how this lovely vintage meets Snow White look appeared in person with us all the same.

    Big hugs & happy last week of spring wishes!
    ♥ Jessica


    1. Thanks for being so supportive! It really was a lovely look, and unfortunately the only picture I have anyway is a blurry selfie I took on the bus to the chapel to send to my mom. But I plan to re-create it in the future, maybe when I’m a little more comfortable with my picture up on this blog!


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