A New Addition to the Boudoir

As someone who loves vintage style, particularly the Victorian aesthetic, I’ve started wearing nightgowns to sleep instead of t-shirt and shorts. I had my favorite Etsy seller, Sue Bradbury at Ellaina Boutique make me a three-quarter-sleeved nightgown in a lightweight purple material with cream lace trim. It has served me well, but as the days grow longer and warmer and the nights no longer chill me, I found I was in need of something lighter still.
So I contacted Sue and we discussed using some new lightweight printed material she had gotten in. She had three floral prints that just shouted my name. So I chose one and had her make me a summer nightgown. It arrived earlier this week, and I’ve been wearing it to sleep ever since. I may have to order a couple more soon.

The material is so soft and light and doesn’t hang awkwardly, but also doesn’t cling. While it is a loose design, and somewhat old-fashioned, I find the delicious fabric drapes around me in a way that is not entirely unenticing. And it feels lovely against my skin. I find myself sweating less. The cream lace around the neckline and the hemline give it the perfect touch of something extra, but Sue is careful to sew the lace in where it won’t get ragged from wear.

Anyone looking for new, comfy clothing for the summer should definitely give Sue’s shop a look! I don’t receive anything for free from Sue, but I’ve bought much of my wardrobe from her.

2 thoughts on “A New Addition to the Boudoir

  1. Absolutely gorgeous nightgown! I am in love with the colour palette and design. It’s actually a deeper, more grownup version of a raised (though not flocked) dimensional wallpaper that was in one of my childhood bedrooms.

    That looks cozy, too, and just the thing for summer, when I’m also very fond of nightgowns over two-piece sets (unlike some folks, I have a terribly hard time sleeping sans any clothing, no matter how hot it gets, so I need some form of nighttime attire all year round).

    Big hugs & many thanks for your splendidly nice comment on today’s new vintage outfit post,
    ♥ Jessica


    1. I’m the same way, but I also have trouble sleeping in any kind of pants or shorts. Hence the nightgowns, which are good for when I might need to get up in the middle of the night, but need to be covered during my nighttime wanders. Thanks for commenting!


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