Red Lipstick Challenge: Week Two

Well, I’m halfway through my red lipstick challenge and I’m starting to eye new lipsticks. But I’m holding fast and wearing my existing collection. This week, I stuck mostly to my favorites from Bite Beauty, but I also revisited some old favorites.

I’ve determined that warm reds clash too much with my new purple glasses, so I’ve been trying to find a nice, bright, true neutral red. I quickly decided that my Bite Matte Crayon in Fraise was too pink, so I spent most of the week wearing the High-Pigment Pencil in Pomegranate. Of course, I love the experience of applying lipstick from a bullet, so it bummed me out that my contenders were pencils. Pomegranate is a nice red, but it leans ever so slightly cool, and because of that will pull pink in natural lighting on me.

Frustrated, I turned to my old collection of Revlon lipsticks. I found that my standard “dark” red was actually significantly brighter than the reds I’d been wearing. I tried wearing it for a day, but for some reason it now makes my lips itch, which was disconcerting. So over the weekend, I spent most of my off-stage time wearing my Lipstick Queen Red Sinner. It’s a lovely neutral red that only pulls pink in very cool lighting, which is probably why I thought it was too cool for me when I was wearing it to work (fluorescent lighting, you know?).

So I’m sticking to my Red Sinner for right now, with maybe a bit of Pomegranate thrown in for variety. I did some more research about lead in lipstick and actually managed to quell those fears a bit. So for now, I’m trying to get over the smell of the Lipstick Queen bullet and eyeing other formulas of theirs with non-vanilla scents.

4 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Challenge: Week Two

  1. One trick that can sometimes help lipsticks appear truer to form on your lips themselves (aka, more like how they appear in tube) is to apply a light layer of very neutral/skin toned concealer or primer to your lips first. Let it “set” for a couple of minutes and then apply your lipstick. This can help cancel out any redness/pinkness/yellowness or other naturally occurring tones in your lips that might be slightly skewing the shade of the lippy.

    Good luck with the second half of the month, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


  2. I really like BITE Beauty, but I don’t like the matte black packaging. It reminds me of NARS, and it lacks the vintage glam I want. Like you, I am slightly bummed that the BITE colors I like best are the pencils, rather than the standard lipstick. However, this does allow for lining and filling at once.


    1. I know! I even tried getting the bullet version of a color I like in the pencil, and I like the pigmentation of the pencil better. I’d love to go up to New York to try out their lip lap, and see if those lipsticks are any more like the pencils.


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