Red Lipstick Challenge: Week one (plus a bit)

So I’ve finished up one week, and a little bit more, of my Red Lipstick Challenge. I started with my least favorite products so I could weed them out. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. I’ve outgrown the bright, orange-toned, Fire & Ice reds that started me on my red lipstick journey. I still enjoy wearing them, but I prefer a truer red now.

2. I’ve got a lot of lines on my upper lip, and some of my lipsticks feather into them when I don’t use lip liner. My Julep invisible lipliner has gotten a lot of use this week.

3. I’m just not a fan of liquid lipsticks. I’ve found one that I can deal with because of its longevity (Stila’s Beso), but I’ll probably save it for parties and date nights where I don’t want to touch up my lipstick so often. I also learned that Beso is Boyfriend’s favorite red of mine.

4. No one at work has commented that I’m wearing red lipstick every day. I think this is more a testament to how often I’ve started wearing it, rather than a testament to their perceptiveness, as they’ve never been shy about commenting on things like that before.

5. I love, love, love the experience of putting on lipstick from a bullet-style tube. I’m already predicting the outcome of this month based on this.

6. I am not a fan of the vanilla-y scent of Lipstick Queen lipstick. I’ve been loving the feel and the color, but I keep getting a whiff of vanilla and it’s my least favorite scent. Also, they fade surprisingly quickly.

Next week, I’ll be getting into my favorites and starting to wear things again. I’ve actually already retired most of the lipsticks I wore over the last nine days, so I’m down to only about four or five favorites.

2 thoughts on “Red Lipstick Challenge: Week one (plus a bit)

  1. Invisible liner is awesome! It’s one of my beauty go-tos and “secrets” as well. I especially love it under burgundy lippies, which I find can be tricky to source exact matches (in terms of lip liners, I mean) for, especially if the brand that makes the lipstick hasn’t put on out.

    Wishing you a fantastic week, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica


    1. Yeah, I got it on a whim and never used it and then when I looked in the mirror on day one of this challenge and saw how scary the feathering on my upper lip was, I busted it out for the next dubious lipstick. I’m glad I remembered it. Thanks for the warm wishes!


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