Vintage Pastimes on a Snowy Day

Yesterday was not the magical kind of snowstorm. You know, where you go to bed and it’s clear, but you wake up and either the houses have been dusted, or it’s still lightly snowing, and the whole world looks ethereal, like Christmas morning? The world changes overnight and seems almost like magic?

This was not that kind of morning.

We woke up to rain. Both of us found that work had been closed. We listened to the rain as it became louder and realized that the temperature had dropped to the point that it was sleeting. Soon, fat snowflakes started dropping from the sky. And it just kept going. Neither of us wanted to go anywhere. So we holed up on the couch and watched a fair amount of Netflix.

But we also found older fashioned ways to amuse ourselves. I pulled out a shawl I’ve been crocheting for a while now. It’s made steadier progress since I started taking it to rehearsals. The shades-of-grey, hand-painted yarn fit with the day, and the softness and warmth of wool on my fingers was soothing on a bit of a dismal day.

And then, Boyfriend taught me how to play cribbage. A cribbage board was his gift to me for my birthday, and we hadn’t had time to try it out. After playing one open hand to help me get the hang of the rules, we continued playing normally until I roundly beat him. It was fun. We later played another game, where he just barely won. I think we might start playing in the evenings rather than watching TV some nights.

Still the snow came down. We decided to nap in the middle of the day.

Eventually it slowed to the point that Boyfriend could wander out for some provisions at the store that is walking distance from our house. He got some food and brought it back so we could eat well for dinner.

And now, this morning, after digging out my car and driving to work, I can look around and see that the world still does look a bit magical with its fresh dusting of snow.

One thought on “Vintage Pastimes on a Snowy Day

  1. That does sound rather enchanting and like something I’d welcome, too, even with spring theoretically nearly upon us again. Though not a warm one, this winter wasn’t overly snowy, especially if we take out the blizzards in early January. Sure, there were a fair number of falls, but most were quite light and only stuck around a few days, barely frosting the ground with their tranquil beauty. So while I am eager for spring, I really wouldn’t mind one more massive fall again before the new season breaks. This being Canada, it might happen, but I wouldn’t hold my breath given that we’re both in March and that we live in one of the mildest parts of the country. We’ll see though.

    I hope you have a great weekend, dear gal. Thank you very much for your lovely comment on today’s post.

    ♥ Jessica


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