A Brief Update and Taste of Things to Come

Hello, there! I’ve once again been remiss in my blogging. It’s a little bit of personal responsibilities, a little bit of ennui, and a bit of just general hectic-ness (hecticity?). You see, my birthday was yesterday, and I was having so much fun planning and executing my small festive gathering. I’ve also had rehearsals for a new show. But I have some posts on deck in my mind that will come out in the next couple of weeks.

To Come:

1.) Tea subscriptions: I’ve recently started looking into tea subscription services. Now I’ve found that so many of them focus on flavored teas that I’ve had to really hunt around. I ordered a sample box from one company, and have decided to order a three-month subscription to another. The first sample box has come and has been consumed and I took notes to share my thoughts. And I’ll share thoughts on the other as soon as my first box arrives.

2.) Makeup and skincare updates: It’s not been long since I posted my series on vintage-inspired beauty, but my routines are an evolving beast. I’ve recently made two pretty major modifications. I’ve started using almost entirely homemade products for my skin, and I’ve started using almost exclusively natural lipsticks with food-grade ingredients. To come are posts detailing both of these developments.

3.) Recipes: I had to develop some recipes for my birthday gathering and I’ve gotten some new baking supplies that will bring more recipe development. Once I have something good, I’ll be sharing. I also have some cocktail recipes I might share.