A Sunny Little Tea

The other night, one of the other actors in the play I’m in right now brought a packet of tea to rehearsal. You see, we keep a kettle and a tea box so we can make tea while we rehearse in the cold rehearsal space we have, and she thought she’d share the tea she makes herself. It was a sample pack of green tea with lemon flavors and herbs. Now, it just so happened that that night was the last night we were to be in the rehearsal space before moving into the theater, so when the tea hadn’t been touched by the time we were done, I decided to take it home to try it.

It’s in tea bags, which is not my usual tea vehicle, but they do sell loose versions of all their blends. Her company is called Herban Avenues and her Green Lemon tea is just delicious. It has a nice touch of lemon flavor, and isn’t too astringent from the green tea. I like it in the mornings because the bulk of herbs cuts the caffeine from the green tea and I can have a cup in the morning without worrying about having too much caffeine if I have more tea at work.

I’m thinking about making an order and trying some more of her blends. They have black tea, rooibos tea, green tea, and herbal blends. The Lavender Earl Grey sounds particularly interesting, as do some of the herbal blends. I like knowing about small companies like this to which I can turn when I don’t want to take the time making all my own blends. I foresee stocking my tea tin with these teas in the future!

Although I did technically get this tea sample for free, I’m pretty sure my friend doesn’t even know about this blog or that I’m writing about her tea on it, so my review is in no way beholden to her. I just really like her tea. I hope you’ll try it, too.