Weeknight Steak

The other night, I had a surprise free night. The previous night, my director cancelled the next rehearsal, partly because of the impending cold and partly because we had done better than expected that night. So I had an unexpected free night with Boyfriend. He was kind of excited and went shopping so I could make us a nice dinner.


I suggested lamb sausages to go with the potatoes and kale we already had, but he found some sirloin steaks on sale at the store. So I seared them up, and opened a bottle of wine. I sliced up the potatoes and tossed them with salt and olive oil, then roasted them on a baking sheet at 400 F until they were a little brown around the edges. I steamed the kale in the microwave, and sliced up the steak.


It was a lovely little weeknight dinner. I got to break out the HP sauce to dab on my steak. Slicing up a cheaper cut of steak made it so that it didn’t matter quite as much if I’d cooked the steaks just perfectly. The pan wasn’t quite hot enough when I threw them in and they’d been a bit too rare the first time I cut into them, so I finished them in the oven a bit.

But it was a lovely dinner, and pretty quick to make. And since I used the microwave to steam the kale, and a piece of parchment to protect the baking sheet while roasting the potatoes, there was really only one pan for Boyfriend to wash afterwards. Which he was happy to do because he had just gotten a steak dinner!