My Vintage-Inspired Beauty Routine, Part 3: Makeup

Having washed my face and body, I dress and prepare myself to go about my day. This generally involves some sort of makeup. My makeup routine is minimal, and tends to be inspired both by the 1940/50s and the Victorian Era. I try to use natural products when possible, and since I wear makeup primarily to work, I can’t do anything too outlandish.


I’ve already gone over my skin care routine. I firmly believe that good skin care is the foundation for beautiful makeup. I always prep after my morning rinse with a couple drops of homemade oil blend patted into my skin and allowed to absorb. I don’t use foundation over my whole face, just a bit as a  concealer. I use Bella Mari Moisturizing Foundation as a concealer, although it can be a bit greasy, so I blot under my eyes when I’m done. I’m considering buying their cream concealer for more coverage. The Foundation also makes a nice light base for times when I need a bit more overall coverage, such as when I’m going to an audition. I love that you can order up to four free samples from Bella Mari to do color-matching, and only pay about $4 shipping.

Then, I wake my face up with a little cream blush. I apply it to mimic a natural flush, like so. I love NYX Cream Rouge, and I have it in two colors: Natural, for everyday, and Glow for when I want a little bolder of a flush. The Natural gives me that perfect English-rose complexion, while the Glow looks a lot like the flush you get from being outside on a cold day.

For eyes, I stick to a swipe of mascara on my upper lashes every day. My current mascara is Pacifica Aquarian Gaze mascara, although I’m not entirely settled on it. For a special occasion, I may add eyeliner (black liquid liner in a cat-eye, Zuzu in Raven), and perhaps eyeshadow. I use a matte eyeshadow palette, theBalm Meet Matte Nude palette. It has some lovely browns, greys, and a nice navy, which suits my style more than brighter colors. I’ll either brush a lighter color over my whole lid, or else do a smokey eye or cut crease with a bolder shadow.

Lipstick is generally the biggest source of variation in my day-to-day routine. I choose either a bold lip or a subtle lip. For a bold, opaque lip, I love my Revlon lipstick. My everyday red lip is “Fire and Ice”, an orangey-warm-cool red color released in the early 50s that I find very wearable. If I’m feeling punchy, I might use “Love That Pink,” a bright flamingo pink, or “Wine with Everything,” a darker, wine-toned red. “Sassy Mauve” is my natural-not-natural lipcolor. Oddly enough, I have a little birthmark at one corner of my mouth and this color matches that mark’s color. At party time, particularly for Christmas, I swap out “Fire and Ice” for “Certainly Red,” a very true red. I apply three coats of Revlon lipstick, with a blot between the second and third coats, straight from the tube, with a little modified X-shape to define my Cupid’s bow. If I’m going out for the evening, I might dust a little finishing powder through a tissue on that last coat to keep things in place a little longer. With all the tea-drinking I do at work, I generally reapply once after lunch, as I try to remove my lipstick before eating an actual meal to avoid eating lipstick.

For a subtle lip, I have a tube of Mineral Fusion Lipsheer in Exotic. It’s a warm pinky-nude that completes the “English rose fresh from the garden” look started with understated makeup and a rosy cheek. Or I use Pacifica’s Coconut Kisses in Lava, a sheer red balm, for a more Gibson-girl-inspired look. I generally stick to subtle lips for weekend days when I might have previously gone without makeup. But even with a more “done” lip, this basic routine takes maybe five minutes, with a little extra if I’m doing my eyes a little more. It’s helped me to commit to wearing makeup most days. The overall look is very fresh and timeless, which lends a vintage look depending on my hair and clothing.

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  1. I love all things vintage and appreciate your vintage routine series so much! Thanks for sharing! xo


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