A Walk ‘Round the Lake

The other day it was grey and cool, but not too cold, and I decided to take a walk around the lake near me. It’s something I do often on weekends and days off. The sky was lovely and dramatic, but without any rain, and the weather was just nice enough that I could get away wearing a light jacket.


I first got to the lake and saw this archway of fluff. I’m not certain what type of tree it is, but the effect was rather striking.

There were other trees around the lake, mostly evergreens. Some were cut off at a point, the work of our resident beaver. The lake itself was covered in ducks and geese, and it was quiet. There were not a whole lot of people around, despite what I thought was nice weather. I suppose most don’t consider a cool, grey day to be the perfect weather for an outing.


As I made my way around the path, I heard strains of music wafting over from a nearby chapel. Their belltower plays a concert every afternoon. There was a light breeze, but I found myself growing warm. By the time I got home I was rosy-cheeked and invigorated. It was a lovely walk.

2 thoughts on “A Walk ‘Round the Lake

  1. Hey if its not piercing wind or ice on the ground them it’s a good day for a walk as far as I’m concerned. Some levels of rain are even acceptable. Nothing like the crisp outdoors to rejuvenate you.


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