Winter Mornings

“In winter I get up at night / And dress by yellow candle-light.” -Robert Louis Stevenson


Most mornings in the winter we wake up before dawn and I find myself making my way downstairs as the sun is just coming over the horizon. In the summer, it would be light for hours, but the dim light of winter lends a solitude to the early hours. It’s a bit dark and cool. I have to shower this morning, because I’m leaving early and have to be dressed and made up. I shower and dry off, and then dress casually to have my breakfast. I set the kettle to boil and get the tea out. Earl Grey this morning. Two slices of thick handmade bread go in the toaster and butter and a plate are at the ready. A glass of milk finishes off a nice light breakfast.

Sitting in the early morning is the best time to sit and think. It’s quiet. Even when Boyfriend is up, he’s sipping his coffee contemplatively. We have our time together without speaking too much because we don’t want to wake anyone else, but we just enjoy the silent company. And soon the world wakes up and things warm and brighten and become louder and the day starts in earnest. But I enjoy my early morning sanctuary while I can.